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Strengthening and Reconciling Relationships

Relationships are central to life. Humans are a unique species who rely on living relationally with others. At Katallasso we provide Counselling, Creative Therapies, Workshops and Retreats to develop, strengthen, restore and reconcile all forms of relationships.

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Change, Exchange and Reconcile


Katallasso has been developed by Katie Robinson (BSWhons), the name Katallasso was specifically chosen for its meaning. Katallasso is a verb – signifying action. Just like the caterpillar, actively engaged in its own change and transformation into a butterfly, relationships often require active work. This may be in the form of compromise and mutual exchange or the exchange of hostility or enmity to a friendly and empathetic disposition. Katallasso’s meaning has multiple links to our core business, values, mission and vision.


Pink Butterfly

What They Say


“Thank you so very much for your guidance and support over the past few years. You have helped me not only develop professionally as a social worker but also personally. I have learnt so much and I will continue to practise my skills of reflection and self care into my new role. I’ve been so lucky to find a supervisor like you”

– Ella (Launceston, Tasmania) December 2021

“I’ve had the pleasure of having Katie as my Social Work Supervisor over the past 2 years and I’ve benefitted immensely from the supervisory relationship. Katie is an attuned, attentive and experienced practitioner with exceptional skills in creating a supportive and reflective environment. Her kind and genuine nature makes supervision something I look forward to and my practice has grown in leaps and bounds with support from Katie.”

– Joel (Hobart, Tasmania) May 2022

“After working with Katie, I found myself in a closer and more loving relationship with myself, which transformed my life in such a surprisingly positive way. Katie engaged me in a ‘finding your heartbeat’ activity which asks you to reflect on what brings you joy, inspiration and motivation. For me what surfaced was a desire to write a book on a subject that was always close to my heart, just waiting for the right time to emerge. Her facilitation gave me the confidence to bring this long held dream into reality.

Katie is a very creative and intuitive therapist. I always felt a deep safety and unconditional respect as she guided me through exercises to elicit self-knowledge and strive to honour my heartbeat in my project. What was most enjoyable for me was the felt belief that Katie was genuinely excited to see my true self come alive and be open to new possibilities”

– Rebecca (Launceston, Tasmania) May 2022

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